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2021 Enhancement/Capital Project Presentation



Safer "Safe Golf" Updates & Course Care

Dear Virginia Members, 

We hope 2021 is off to a good start for you and your families as we navigate what we hope are the final weeks and months of the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we operate the Club in uncharted waters, while working to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible.  Your efforts to assist, and supportive comments have been so meaningful in what we are trying to do.  

As we move to February 1st, we want to make you aware of some updates to our Safer "Safe Golf" protocols that will go in to place that day.  These changes to protocol are based on measuring of the pandemic situation in our communities and observation of the practices while on property by both members and staff alike.  

Beginning February 1st, the following protocols will be in place... 

**We are extending play hours to 4:00 PM daily.  All play after 2:00 PM must walk, use a push cart or remain on cart paths only.  Tee times will still be required via lottery system.

**All play will continue to start from the 1st Tee.  Please do not jump on the course where you believe there is "an opening."

**Play on Tuesdays & Wednesdays will be Cart Paths Only in February.  We are regularly fertilizing on Mondays to improve our turf quality.  Keeping carts on the path Tuesday & Wednesday will maximize the fertilizing effort.

**The golf course will remain closed on all Mondays during February, including President's Day.
These items are all important components to maintaining the best conditions possible during this period of turf dormancy.  Thank you in advance to your adhering to these and our other health and safety protocols.  

Course Care

Our staff has done a fantastic job keeping divots sanded and the recent rest has been fantastic for our turf quality.  With that, there is no better way to improve conditions on the golf course than for each of us to do our part during practice and playing.  Below are some key elements we ask that everyone adhere to.  
**Repair all ball marks by pushing toward the center of the ball mark.  Never lift upward as this causes further damage to roots.**
**Drive on the Cart Paths whenever possible using the 90 degree rule.**
**When driving off the Cart Paths, please remain on the fairways
and DO NOT drive in the rough.**
**Make your range divots in linear fashion as shown below.
A simple mantra to remember is, "Stripes not spots."**

Thank you in advance for your continued efforts to help keep our course in the best condition possible and follow our healthy and safety guidelines.  We look forward to seeing you at the Club soon!  

The Board of Directors &
Greens Committee
Virginia Country Club
Est. 1909

Message from the Board of Directors &
the Long Range Planning Committee
January 15, 2021

Dear VCC Member,
Based on the Master Plan that was presented to the Membership in November 2019, we are ready to move forward with the enhancement of our property. Below is a link where you can view the 2021 Enhancement/Capital Project (ECP) presentation for your consideration. Included is a narrative, renderings, financials, frequently asked questions, a video presentation, and a ballot. The ECP booklet and ballot have been mailed to each of our Regular Members via USPS Mail. We have also provided a link to an electronic ballot below for your convenience. The ballot is due in the Club Office by Friday, January 29 at 12:00 pm.
2021 Enhancement/Capital Project
2021 ECP Ballot – Electronic Submittal*
The Board of Directors and Long Range Planning Committee

* If you have any issues submitting your ballot electronically, you are welcome to reply to this email with your vote: 
YES, I approve the 2021 Enhancement/Capital Project (ECP) or NO, I do not approve the 2021 Enhancement/Capital Project (ECP). By submitting your vote in this manner, you agree to and understand your submittal is NOT anonymous. Your vote will be reviewed and verified by Club personnel. If you would like to submit an anonymous vote, please use the traditional paper ballot method. Extra paper ballots and envelopes are available at the Club Office.

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On behalf of the House Committee and the Management Team, we are excited to introduce Virginia Country Club's very own Mobile App! 

In this digital age, our cell phones rank right up there with our keys and wallets; we can hardly leave home it.  So it was only natural that we bring Club communications right to the palm of your hand.  This added communication platform will give everyone the ability to be more connected than ever with all things VCC. 

Although we are launching our Mobile App with basic features, we look forward to tapping into its long term potential as we continually strive to make it a more useful tool for our Membership. 

In the product launch video below, we will walk you through the installation process and features of the Mobile App.  Please feel free to click on the play button to view the tutorial.

How to install the VCC Mobile App
The VCC Mobile App is available in both the iPhone or Android app stores. 
Search for "Virginia Country Club" by Jonas Computing and click on "install"

How to log into the VCC Mobile App
Use the same username and password you use
to log into the VCC website

If you do not know your username and/or password:
1) click on the following link to request your access information 
2) send an email to the Club Office

Please note: VWGC credentials are currently not supported on the VCC Mobile App.  The Member access username and password must be used instead.

We will also be mailing username and password information to each Member. 
Online Billing Statements
A link to your billing statements gives you quick and easy access to chit details, credit book balances, food and beverage minimums, outstanding balances and past statements.
Search the Club Roster
Stay in touch with fellow Members.  This tool enables you to quickly search the Club roster by and name and view contact information other Members have made available.  Clicking on email addresses or telephone numbers will prompt your mobile device to create an email or dial the telephone number.
View Upcoming Events
Members can search for events by name and/or date or view the full list of upcoming events.  Click on the event to see related event details and a flier if one was created for that particular event.  
Peruse the Web Gallery
Pictures from our events will be uploaded to our web gallery for Members to enjoy.  Take a picture and send it to the Club!  We'll include it in the web gallery! 
Visit the VWGC
A link to the Virginia Women's Golf Club microsite has been included as an added feature to the mobile app.  Please note you must use the Member login credentials to access the mobile app.  VWGC login credentials are not supported at this time.    
Get Club Notifications
We saw a growing interest in mobile device notifications with our frost delay alert program in recent years.  Our new mobile app will be a new way to notify our Members of Club happenings, alerts & information. 

Virginia Country Club is open for safe golf
Please click on the link below for the Member Safety Agreement.  It must be filled out each day you visit the Club.  Thank you.

click here for Member Safety Agreement

"Safer" Safe Golf Protocols v3 updated 01/24/2021